In Solidium

Screened week 13 - 17
In Solidum HDV, 9min, 2010

"Toft's videos show a different kind of crowd, created for different reasons by different forces. We see groups of people in the city and in the countryside, but it somehow seems that the countryside, however snowy and desolate, is not unlike the city, just as leisure is not unlike work. What looks at first glance like smooth, concerted activity seems hesitant and fragmented on closer examination. The extended, unbroken takes begin to reveal change rather than repetition, temporary congruences rather than static truths. Despite the initial conveyor-belt sense of the rhythms of industrial society, this is not organised labour, but a typology of post-industrial collectivity and its ideological language. Still, something is being produced in these scenes, or reproduced. Is it a sense of community, a social bond? Is it comfort, or conformity? Or is it, perhaps, the social order itself?"

extract from "And We Are All Together" by Will Bradley 

Nina Toft