Screened week 51 - 03
Since 1999, Gurholt has developed his unique workform Live Photo, which is based on site-specific live installations where the artist stages models in real-world environments like a frozen tableau. These tableaus are further explored through media such as video, photographs and painting. In this process, Gurholt investigates how a set moment or motif can unfold in countless directions, layers and narratives relative to the viewer and what media is expressed. The Live Photo projects are immediately everyday and realistic in their motive choices, but Gurholt shows us what is underneath the surface: The complexity of the relationship between people and how gender roles, class differences, social roles and power relationships are present in our lives through our actions and relationships with other people. Several of the Live Photo projects also ask questions about the role and implications of art in the world outside the institution / art room. What power and critical potential does art really have and to what extent do people really influence what they see, read and experience?

Crispin Gurholt