Screened week 37 - 41
Experimental video 2002 jump
4 min

This video was created live during the tour with the video-impro-trio 242.pilots February 2002. It is based on the principle of taking just a small part of each video frame and building layers of these fragments on top of each other, the Resulting image is a collage of different timefragments.
«Taking images of people crossing intersections at crosswalks, Gilje weaves a tapestry of intersecting lines within each of which the people can be seen. Layered layer of lines containing images of people crossing build up over the course of the four minutes to create a nice visual metaphor for the act of making one's way across the street. »
Randolph Jordan, review of the hiatus program at mutek 2002, montreal

Selected screenings (of the Brussels recording)

Part of hiatus screening at Mutek, Montreal. 2.5
Backup festival. Weimar 11.02
Kunstvlaai 5, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Galerie Blickensdorff, Berlin
Diagonal festival, Medienturn Graz 03.03 Austria
6. Video and New Media Biennale of Santiago, Chile
Warsaw Electronic Festival, Poland
Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche Germany
Club.transmediale_03 Spatial Lines screening, Berlin 02.03
Rom for the Art Video Gallery at Oslo Central Station 04-05.03
Seoul Fringe Festival, South Korea 08.04
Cityscapes screening at, Beijing 11.05
Cityscapes: Landscape in Art program at Febiofest, Prague 03.06
Cityscapes: Rencontres Visuelles, Lille 04.06
Cityscapes screening Club Instabil, Braunschweig Sep 2006
Cityscapes screening at Moho gallery Krakow Nov 2007
HARDfilms: pixels and celluloid: cut and paste Cinema Arsenal, Berlin jun 2007
Experimental 3 Osaka Oct 2009
Programs le temps: 50 ans d'art numerique, Illuminations exhibition Galerie G, Paris jun 2010
Cityscapes screening at Electron Festival, Geneva Apr 2011

Abstraction-now, künstlerhaus, wien 08-09.03
Flashart biennale, prague national gallery june-aug 2003
Cityscapes part of Reframing Reality exhibit. At the Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde Nov 2010-Feb 2011

Crossings appears on my dvd Cityscapes, released on lowave 2005, as well as the 242.pilots DVD live in Bruxelles released on carpark 2002.

HC Gilje