Failing to Levitate in the Field

screened week 11 - 15 with Public Art Screens 2017

Much of Failing two Levitate in the Field (2012) is a questioning, insistent monologue. The voice belongs to someone who is trying to understand what is happening, she is in a situation where much is out of her control. She will be a good patient (or equivalent role) and tries as best she can to adapt to what "they" say, but misunderstands probably complete.
Maren's work holds the premise that there is an objectivity that is outside the characters' perspective. This objectivity may lie with doctors, authorities, statistics or physical objects. Trying to follow instructions where opinion slips, is a reoccurring theme. Video is used for its volatile form, a temporality reminiscent of memory and thus is fickle. Changing scenes, cut and crops are used to fragment and thus reflect an inner confusion. A perception that is not set, is not safe and that in the face of a concrete world with the power to define is experiencing slipping away.

The misunderstanding is a central element
Photo material is inspired by simple medical graphics; as explanatory illustrations or an MRI scan. The latter is part of a technology that fragments and alienates individuals by taking abstract pictures to explain an internal (unavailable) reality. The soundtrack was composed by recipe 'Brainwave Entertainment' (isochronic tones), in theory these tones will stimulate frequencies in the brain with a therapeutic target.

The title is a loose paraphrase of Bruce Naumans Failing two levitate in the studio and other trials as Instructions for a Mental Excercise 1974 is an instruction for a form of meditation where the goal is to sink or float on top of the floor.




Maren Dagny Juell