screened week 10 - 14 with Public Art Screens 2017

© Istad Art 2014
Video: 3:39. Mute Bendik O. Storbekken
The images are not manipulated.
SYNOPSIS: Video based on a series of photographs shoot from the inside of aluminum pipes inside Palazzo Falier, Venice Italy.

2014 Art straight West, Berger Museum, Norway
2014 Art Gallery, Stavanger, Norway

The photographs are taken in the Palazzo Falier in Venice with a NIKON D800 through long square aluminum. One can get an idea of ​​the interior of the palace, but the reality is distorted because of the long pipe. The formal, the sensual, abstraction, the serial architecture and light effects are central to the way I work with the photograph. I examine the light effects and the depth creative possibilities light carries with it. Attached to the light is my interest in architecture and space defining elements. Images are only partially clear and it helps to create the perceptual challenge, where the eye must penetrate pictorial space through tight vertical, horizontal and diagonal structures. Solar is a photo-based video based on pictures in the sequence. When the images are faded in and out with overlapping it will emphasize being 'sucked' inward in the pictures, and one gets the feeling that the photos are in motion. My videos often deal with the volatile and essential moment in the detailed plan. In this way I meet the same focus as in the paintings and photographs whose purpose is a form of depth examination of real small fragments. Their sound emphasizes movement in the image, the sound 'waves' in and out, and pulls the viewer with him into the picture. The sound creates a feeling of a kind of technological vision of the future, while providing associations with the sun and the universe.

Christine Istad