Stine Gonsholt

Stine Gonsholt (f.1973) - graduated by the Art Academy in Bergen and Iceland Academy of the Arts in Reykjavik. She works mainly with video, photography, drawing and 2Danimasjon.
The starting point for many of Gonsholt work is an exploration of documentary movies. Through editing, processing and animating documentaric material commenting on her work "truths" in the documentations on relative interpretetions of time as subject.A similar process also applies to animation works, where repetitive events possesses subtle changes, which means that the changing process is continuous.Gonsholts latest projects dealing with issues related to urban and rural changes. Changes in local communities as a result of increased global mobility, is a central theme. She is interested in whatever way we adapt to changes in our environment and has overseveral years realised projects where she is concerned with urban development; modernization, infrastructure, security and development. In recent work, the focus has turned more toward human adaptability to changes in society. Be it concrete physical processes, as well as social or mental changes.Stine Gonsholt lives and works in Skien and Berlin. She received Telemark County Council footprint award for artists for her work in 2014.


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