Marte Eknæs & Michael Amstad

Marte Eknæs
Lives and works in Berlin and Espa, Norway. Her recent exhibitions include: Susanne Hilberry Gallery, Ferndale and Trondheim Kunstmuseum, 2013; two person projects with Nicolau Vergueiro, What Pipeline, Detroit, 2015 and Munchmuseet on the Move, Oslo, 2016; two person exhibitions with Sean Raspet, Room East, New York 2015, and with ÅYR, Cookies, Rotterdam, 2016. Her artist book Formal Economy, was published by Mousse Publishing in 2015 and her permanent work at Vollebekk School, Oslo will open in August 2017. In collaboration with Michael Amstad she is currently also working on a music video for ARP and the video work People Mover.


Michael Amstad
Michael Amstad is a Berlin based film maker and animator. He does video editing, post production and exhibition design for artists and has recently worked with Hito Steyerl and currently with Wolfgang Tillmans. With the production company Hylas Film he has created music videos for among others Temples, Bonaparte, Moonduo and Wooden Shjips. Since 2009 he has with Hylas Film also been working on the stop motion series Circus. In 2017 he is working in collaboration with Marte Eknæs on a music video for ARP and the video work People Mover.


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