Kristina Kvalvik

I work with moving images shaped as installations, on the basis of a narrative format. Its the questions about narrative and representation in film I concerned myself with. I work with abstraction and deconstruction of the established forms in classical film. My work is influenced by science fiction, mystery and psychoanalysis told with subtle undertones. The key in my oeuvre relates to questions about surveillance, the inexplicable and threatening. I work with video on the basis of a narrative perspective where I examine the gaze position and our ability to interpret what we see. I construct characters that tell from their view of perspective, instead of being seen. My goal is to emphasize that one sees from one's own perspective and that there is some kind of "natural" look.

The work "House" presented by Kristina Kvalvik is made in collaboration with Simon Möller (born 1974 in Stockholm) Swedish artist, has lived and been active in Malmö since 1997. He works with video, installation, video and sculpture. He studied film and art, and has a master's in fine arts from the Malmö Art Academy in 2008.


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