Bjørn Venø

Bjørn Venø believes art that explores and challenges is good for us, because it can help humanity evolve in a positive direction. Venø works with photography,
video, performance art, writing and drawing to create such art. Ideas of failure, identity, gender and metaphysics are explored by using free association, intuition and attributes of the fool. Venø holds an MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art, London, England. He has shown work at The Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, USA, had solo shows at TENDERPIXEL and Nettie Horne in London, fotogalleriet [format] Malmö in Sweden and Fotografiens Hus in Oslo, Norway. Venø has performed in England, Norway, Sweden, France, China and the USA. Due to Bjørn Venø’s strong belief in the importance of art and artists he initiated and helped organize Venø Gård KUNST, a biannual International Performance Art Festival on the island Venøy, Norway as well as Performance KUNST at 368 Atlanta, USA and created the collaborative website art project