Kaja Leijon

Kaja Leijon was educated at the National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo and CalArts in the US. Leijon has distinguished herself with several narrative films, displayed in both art and film contexts. She has previously had solo exhibitions at Skien Kunstforening, Galleria Muratcentoventidue(IT) and Kunsthalle in Mainz, as well as participated in a range of group exhibitions.

Kaja Leijon’s projects explore the transition between imagination and reality. Examination of the characters’ power of empathy and of how the characters relate to fiction are recurring elements in her films. The artist deals with how film as a medium influences the way we see and interpret the world.


    Artist artworks

    Title Year
    At the same time 2014
    Wasteland 2012
    Screening 2011
    Turning trick 2008
    Between girls 2007