About Public Art Screens


What we offer
Public Art Screens offer art displays with contemporary video art and animation. We can provide several exhibition solutions and exhibition program, containing works of professional national and international artists - During 2017 we will present a program with Norwegian videoartists where a new artwork is presented every week into our program.

Art encounters inspires - every day
Video art conveys thoughts and provide experiences in a direct form - a lucid art encounter.
We wish to give you an experience of art in your everyday life. Therefore our art screens are placed in public spaces, such as terminals, cafes, schools and foyers.
Since its inception in 2010 we have established several venues - to become familiar with the location of our art screens look Venues.
We have thrilled thousands of school students with video art - over 3,000 visitors were logged into our interactive art displays that were on tour to secondary schools in Rogaland 2015!

Be a venue for video art
Want to give many people an art encounter in everyday life?
We can offer solutions of any size and will deliver the art program directly, with new art every month.
Contact us - we will be delighted to find a solution for you!

The project is initiated and produced by i/ o / lab - Center of Future Arts in Stavanger